Can anyone explain this?
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    Default Can anyone explain this?

    I saw a bee floating in a puddle not far from my hive. So I gently picked her up and placed her back on the bottom board of the hive. She crawled back to the entrance where a few bees greeted her and one seemed like it was helping her clean herself. However another bee came and picked her up and flew off into the grass with her. I'm very curious as to what exactly happened. Does anyone have any ideas?

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    Default Re: Can anyone explain this?

    Overly zealous guard bee. Your bee probably no longer had the hive smell and was viewed as a foreign bee. On a similar note, my hives are actively removing the drones and that includes dragging them off of the bottom board into the grass.
    Thankfully, the bees are smarter than I am. They are doing well, in spite of my efforts to help them.

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    Default Re: Can anyone explain this?

    awwww That is so sad.
    I keep picking up the ones that don't quiet make it to the landing pad ♥


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