What can I use to clean foundation with?
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    Default What can I use to clean foundation with?


    Sure would appreciate some guidance and experience. Have been super busy expanding this year - large for me small for most of you - but I ended up building several hundred supers in anticipation for my splits. We've had a super wet spring and alot of my staged boxes ended up getting wet. Stayed mostly wet for about a month but I didn't worry as it was just the Mann Lake plastic foundation with no wax. Well, I got ready to start using those boxes and got an ugly surprise. Found alot of what I call "mold" on that clean empty plastic foundation. Is there something I can spray on it that's not toxic to the bees so I don't have to got and brush/scrub every side of every frame? I know I screwed up by letting it set out in the elements but besides being pressed for time I really don't have the facilities to store a bunch of extra/empty boxes at this point. Anyway, any guidance and suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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    Default Re: What can I use to clean foundation with?

    give it to the bees they will take care of it.
    Just make sure the have has a bit of air circulation.
    Old Guy in Alabama

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    Default Re: What can I use to clean foundation with?

    They're likely to ignore unwaxed foundation.

    I'd give a scrub with belech water, or only soak them if it is only surface discoloration, wax 'em and put them in frames.

    Any remaining bleach odor , esp covered by wax fragrance, probably won't affect acceptance.
    Some folks put a drop or two of bleach in syrup feed to prevent molding, and the bees don't seem to care.

    Have fun.
    Enjoy your bees.

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