swishing strips in hopguard solution
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    Default swishing strips in hopguard solution

    I swish the hopguard strips in the solution before placing the strips on the frames. The end result is somewhat alarming because certain bees are rained on with hopguard. Is it necessary to swish the strips around in the solution?

    P.S. The reason I ask this, is because I am using the leftover hopguard from last fall. I stored the hopguard in a rubbermaid container, inside a paper bag in the garage. I hope to preserve the potency of the hopguard by storing it in cold and in the dark. I suppose this is why I coat the strips by tipping the container but the end results is dripping strips and a few coated bees.
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    Default Re: swishing strips in hopguard solution

    I used hopguard 1 once a while ago (before I realized I had mite resistant bees). I didn't like it, any liquid you get on bees will kill those bees to include the queen. Weaker hives will not chew the cardboard strip and later they will propolis them up, and not raise new brood near the strip.

    Do a search on here there is also queen related deaths associated to HG.

    >Is it necessary to swish the strips around in the solution?
    What's the directions say? You could check mann lake's site. If it does not specify I wouldn't.


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