G'Day from Perth, Australia
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    Default G'Day from Perth, Australia

    Gíday all,
    I just wanted to say hi from the foothills of Perth, Australia.
    I have just started my beekeeping journey and enjoying it immensely, the fact that I have my 9 year old son involved is even better fun. We currently have two 10 frame hives on the go from purchased Nucís and they are going along nicely.
    We are just getting to the end of our autumn now and things are getting a colder, (by our standards), so itís very interested to hear of all the springtime activity from the northern hemisphere, I canít wait for spring down here.
    I took a short course with a local beekeeper to learn some of the basics and we have been reading and watching lots of videos since before we got our bees, itís completely fascinating.
    Thanks to all who contribute to this great resource I have spent quite a few hours here already and no doubt many, many more to come.
    Cheers John

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    Default Re: G'Day from Perth, Australia

    Welcome John!
    [email protected]

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    Default Re: G'Day from Perth, Australia

    Hey John,

    Welcome from the orher side of our little island You anywhere near fields of those famous WA wildflowers? I don't know how they go as bee flora, but they sure look anazing when in bloom.


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