Honey Super before 2nd Deep
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    Default Honey Super before 2nd Deep

    Hello from south central Indiana. I've read posts about this topic, but am looking for some experiences others have had trying this method. I have enough drawn comb to fill two deep hive bodies. I installed a package of bees and gave them three frames of honey/pollen to start them off. Since all the frames are drawn, I'm considering adding a honey super on top of my first deep hive body once it's about 75% full. This will allow me to collect honey while at peak nectar flow. Once the major flow is done, I would remove the honey super(s) and install the deep body and feed them. Has anyone done this with success? Or, should I just be more patient and add the second deep before the super? Your thoughts are greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Honey Super before 2nd Deep

    I would definitely not remove all the honey and feed. I might remove 4 frames and leave 6. I would never remove all, specially from a package. I have a friend from Indiana and he said it takes 2 deeps to make it through winter. I would be patient give them girls some time and good honey nutrition not sugar and they will give more than a super. Just my 2 cents
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    Default Re: Honey Super before 2nd Deep

    If you have drawn comb in the super it will work well. I do a variation with nucs in a divided deep where i put on an excluder and super. Then in August I pull the supers and add a divided second box and winter them as ten frame nucs. I feed the second box full.

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    Default Re: Honey Super before 2nd Deep

    I do something like this, but try to hit the early flow before i add a second brood box. Definitely takes some management but it ensure you get at least some honey.

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