This week we are honored to talk to Tom Theobald. Tom is an advocate for the bees and has been involved in the campaign to save the bees in America. He is passionate about saving the bees and getting government regulators to ban dangerous pesticides.

You can listen to the show here:-
Tom Theobald Beekeeper and Campaigner

Here's What You'll Learn
  • Boulder County was the leading beekeeping county in state of Colorado
  • What excites Tom about Beekeeping
  • Why did Tom Decide to leave the corporate world behind
  • A new corn seed that contains 24D.
  • Neonicotinoids are the most widley used pesticide in history
  • The Windshield Test of Bugs in your area
  • What is conditional registration
  • Clothianidin has never meet the requirements of registration

We are confronted with such a hostile environment to life,
It doesn't matter how well we do our job as beekeepers
We are sending them out to an environment that they cannot survive.
Tom Theobald
What did you think of this chat? Do you think Systemic pesticides such as Neonicotinoids should be banned?


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