Managing a hive for hire
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    Default Managing a hive for hire

    Hi guys,
    I own a small wildlife control business, and i got a call yesterday to remove bees from a porch in a church. I told the priest that it is a little late to be doing a trap out/cut out now, but i would do it next spring. He would also like to keep a hive or 2 possibly at the chuch but wants someone to manage it for them. Anyone ever done any kind of work like this before not sure how to charge for it. It is about 40 miles round trip from my house and other bee yards so kind of out of my way.

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    Default Re: Managing a hive for hire

    At some point the trump card will be placed and you will be expected to do if for nothing. Teach someone in the parish to do it. An older lady with a lot of money is a good candidate. You might get paid and she will get in good terms with the priest.
    Brian Cardinal
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    Default Re: Managing a hive for hire

    The University of MN established it's "Hive to Bottle" program ( It raises public awareness and some money for bee research. The UM students manage the hives through the season on a fee-for-service basis, plus the homeowner or business owner buys the equipment and the bees. Their published rates managing the hives are $875 for a family, and $1,125 for a business for the first colony. Additional colonies are $450 each. This is their second year in St. Paul, and I'm told they have ~50 customers and a total of ~100 colonies, about double their workload in their first year.
    Christian (Chris) Schad
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    I installed 4 turn key hives this year. Full hive setup with my local nuc for $675 a piece with 1 year of free mentoring no guarantee they will make winter. After 1 year $50/hr for checks, mentoring, harvesting, etc. Turned out to be very little time involved, they all live with 10 miles of my main yard, a few inspections and added boxes during the flow. I like seeing how hives do in other places around Louisville, I enjoyed it.

    It was a pretty fair deal, Im not getting rich by any means. I made the boxes and nucs.

    Heres 2 of 4 hives i installed.


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