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    Quote Originally Posted by Mrhotdice View Post
    Sometimes in life, itís better to ask forgiveness than for permission.
    Unless ofc you are intentionally breaking laws that have been in force for years and years. Ignorance of the law is not an excuse.

    In our area the rules around selling our product are fairly clear. We can sell direct, and do, we have a farm stand and most of our product is sold thru the farm stand. We could go to one of the local farm markets if we wanted to, selling via the farm market is also permitted. There is another market in the area, they require all vendors to have an inspection certificate for the facility in which the product is produced / packaged.

    If we want to sell it in local stores, a health certificate for the packing facility is required, which can be obtained thru the local health authority. As honey is considered a 'low risk' product, the standards required are not terribly difficult to meet, and in reality, your packing facility should meet those standards anyways. but 'in the home kitchen' does NOT meet standards, if that's your way of doing it, then selling from your own property or a farmers market in person is the only way allowed around here.

    We can ship anywhere within the province with just a health certificate from the health authority. But, if we want to ship honey beyond the province, then we need to upgrade our facility to be inspected by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, which has much higher standards than required for local store sales. If we upgrade our facility to CFIA standards, then we can ship honey anywhere.

    In our own case, we can sell all we produce and then some at the farm stand, so, have little interest in trying to sell elsewhere. I have zero interest in spending every saturday at the farmers market, and see no need to upgrade our facility to the standards required by CFIA. I may change my tune if we get up to the point where we struggle to sell our honey thru the farm stand, but that's a long ways off, we'll need to be producing 5000 pounds or more for that to happen. We have a little under a thousand pounds in inventory right now, and will have to ration how much we put out at the stand over the next few months so we dont run out before first extraction next year.

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    Our law in Mo was just like grozzie states till just recently. It was easier for other places to ship honey in and sell it then it was for missourieans to sell local honey. It is a low risk product. We can now sell though second parties and on the internet up to fifty thousand bucks. I will say that people have had to remove stuff from store shelves before the change but have never heard of anyone getting cited for it. I think the change is a great improvement that was done with some lobbying and might be something that others might consider pushing for in thier own states. Some body had to ask for it before there was a change. I do know that even when it was that people had to hand the bottle personally to the buyer that people did send it with others to be sold. I imagine it depends on scale. If you tried to skirt a law to move tons of stuff, you end up making enough money that it is worth it for the gov. to pursue. If you have 15 gal and you convince your friends to help in selling and delivering, it probly is not worth the effort to stop. Getting the law to more respect what works is the best route. Most places are more willing to look at it due to the public support of bees. That may change some day and a window may have been missed if it does. I have looked at a lot of the laws in a couple of states and most have mirrorred each other.
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    Not sure why beekeepers don't have a website. It is pretty cheap to setup one, and you don't need to sell online, but it is more than welcome if some new customer find you online and order honey or other products from you. With domain name and hosting, you are under 100$ per year, you can go even cheaper I guess. I guess if you have a couple of hives, it is not a problem to sell what you have. We have 100+, and we used to go to the markets, but it is time consuming, spending whole day and standing around. Now, the most of our sales comes from website, where customers find us for the first time and than order every month or so. (Facebook, Instagram also works good, but you can add website there as well).

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