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    I also have tiny sugar ants, as well as being in fire ant country. My hive stand has 4 4x4 posts for legs.

    I tried using vaseline, but found it melted in the Tx heat. I do not know if axle grease would also melt, but found a different solution.

    Went to the farm store and bought some Tanglefoot. It has the consistency of grease but is extremely sticky and does not melt. I just paint a strip an inch or so wide around each leg with a putty knife. The ants will not cross it and it is effective for several years. (A wide strip can even keep squirrels out of a bird feeder.

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    Heading for the feed store now for Tanglefoot thank you! I have Crazy ants going up cinderblocks crossing the metal pipe into 2 of my hives.. My hive stand is 3 galvanized iron pipes around 1.5 or 2", on cinder blocks. So if I keep the hives away from the legs I have a "defendable" zone, or that was my plan...
    Stuck in Texas. Learning Permaculture in drought, flood and strange weather. The bees are still alive.

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