Starting foundationless frames of different sizes
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    Default Starting foundationless frames of different sizes

    I have a new hive, and the bees are booming and I'm going to have to add a small super by tuesday (5/27) at the latest. I have decided to go foundationless, and have had great luck with my deeps, I had enough drawn comb to alternate with foundationless, and the bees have drawn comb beautifully. My question is this, I have no comb for the small super, but can I put a small frame in the deep box to have comb drawn? Are there other options?

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    Default Re: Starting foundationless frames of different sizes

    You may have to trim comb off of the bottom bar of the frame. I'm thinking you should leave it in for 4 or 5 days before moving it to the small super. This is my first season keeping bees. You might want to wait for another response.
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    Default Re: Starting foundationless frames of different sizes

    I got into a situation this spring where I was fortunate enough to catch three swarms and had failed to prepare enough extra equipment to go around. I had some extra medium frames after I'd used all my deep frames. I had 4 deep frames left for a nuc box that I put the smallest and last swarm in. I went ahead and put a medium frame in with the others and they drew it out, and then dropped below on the bottom of the frame and drew 2 inches of comb underneath. I actually ended up giving it away to a friend because I didn't really have equipment for it to expand in. He wondered if there was even a queen in with them because there wasn't any brood. So he made up some cells with grafted larvae and put about 5 cups on the top bar. They promptly filled the entire thing with brand new worker cells from top to bottom. When they are in the mood to draw comb, you better have something to help guide them, because they'll draw it everywhere.....

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