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    Default Read Me First.

    This forum is free of political and religious discussions.
    Regards, Barry

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    Default Re: Read Me First.

    Quote Originally Posted by Barry View Post
    This forum is free of political and religious discussions.
    i vote we try to get back to this going forward.

    the expressed purpose for 'coffee klatch' is to "Share and seek information on hobbies and interests other than beekeeping."

    (interests other than politics or religion that is)

    in the past, and when the discussion turned political/religous, barry would move the discussion to what is called the 'tailgater' subform.

    this subforum is accessible by any member who requests access to it, but not visible to visitors or those who have not requested access.

    there are just a handful of us moderators these days volunteering on a part time basis and we don't always have the time to divert political/religous discussion over to tailgater.

    so community, let's practice a little self-moderation when it comes to this, please.
    journaling the growth of a (mite) treatment free apiary started in 2010. 20+/- hives


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