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    We can all be trollish at times. Some of us have mellowed more than others of us, which is natural and comes with the territory of age and life experience. However, there are those that just spew outright hatred. Those are the ones that you have to watch out for. I was reading a post by an OP the other day, and they stated that they were dissatisfied with their situation and had nothing to be happy about. Beesource pretty much became a vent for that person, and they had no problem at all with pushing peoples' buttons, just for the sake of pushing them.
    Disagreements are going to happen. It's life. I honestly believe I could have a decent face to face conversation with everyone on this site even in spite of disagreements in the past. I'm a humorous type, and sometimes I have to watch how I post my humor, because it has offended some folks before. They didn't know I was being humorous.
    Communicating back and forth with the written language is a challenge. Some people may come across as "trollish" when in reality, they just didn't communicate in an efficient and thorough manner. I know, because I have fallen into that category on more than one occasion.
    A man is worth just as much as the things about which he busies himself- Marcus Aurelius

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    The way astronomers can detect a black hole like the one at the center of the milky way is that they effect the behavior of the other stars around them.

    The really massive trolls are kind of like that - even if you ignore them you can still detect their effect on everyone else. And you also still see their comments if someone quotes them - even if just to say what a massive waste they are being.

    Seriously you can often almost spot the threads that are going to decay into a mud wrestling match from the name of the thread starter. Then sure enough 24 hours and 8 comment pages later...
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    David, I like your analogy; Very fitting!

    It doesn't take long to see a pattern to whether or not the person is willing to put all ideas (his and others) equally on the scale for group appraisal or whether they only want to push a preconceived agenda at all costs.
    Many of our posters do a good job of calling question to the trolls intent or logic and I think it helps set the record straight rather than letting it remain in print unchallenged. Some trolls go away if ignored but others only become more outrageous. I dunno

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    As a true noobee, just getting his wings under him, I feel obliged to confirm a few things mentioned here.
    First, sorting out the good information from the not so good, when your knowledge and experience is nil, is almost impossible.
    Second, if we have instigators pulling punches to get a rise out of folks, we ALL LOSE.
    Frankly, I really want to succeed in this endeavor. I see tremendous benefits to all involved with my upcoming adventure, and very little downside. That endeavor becomes more difficult if I have to sort out the wheat from the chaff without knowing which is which.
    I'm extremely thankful for the handful of generous folks that have taken me under their wing so to speak, and have offered their knowledge and experience to me to help me have the much desired success in having my own bees to serve.
    Folks that come in here to create problems are generally readily identifiable with their patterns, and earn the ban hammer.
    Others that fall victim to their petty pickings, especially those who have the knowledge and experience that we noobs need and want so immeasurably, I pray would rise above the childlike behavior, in the interests of furthering this amazing bee loving community.
    With the beekeeping community as small and compartmentalized as it seems to be, we cannot afford to lose any of our more skilled and knowledgeable members to the ridiculousness of trolling.
    Gang, I THIRST for this knowledge! I SCOUR the forums for those little tidbits of information that will help me succeed.
    I devote a couple hours of my precious time each day to discovering new and beneficial ways to successfully raise and help the bees I will have in the near future.
    I can only learn so much from reading a book, watching videos, and other digital activities.
    The clarity I achieve by collaborating the theoretical with the interactions with our members is what provides me with that sense of confidence to be able to take this challenge on with a reasonable expectation of success.
    Thanks everyone, for all the wonderful information you've all shared in one way or another. I sincerely appreciate you all, and I thank you in advance for humoring my seemingly silly questions.

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    Isn't starting a thread titled "Trolls" a form of trolling?

    Let's hope that they continue to behave themselves.

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