Bee Health Guru- This sounds cool
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    Default Bee Health Guru- This sounds cool

    I saw a story on our local news about this. The military has been studying the sounds a bee colony makes to make it easier to keep bees for mine detection. Evidently the buzz changes when certain conditions occur such as queenlessness, foul brood, varroa infestation, etc. This app records the sounds inside a hive and compares it to a rather extensive database and can diagnose colony issues. I am not suggesting anyone contribute! I have no dog in this fight. Watch the Kickstarter video for a sense of what this is, seems pretty cool to me.
    5 Production colonies, 1 side by side 5 frame nuc for support- 7 working queens is all I want.

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    Default Re: Bee Health Guru- This sounds cool

    absolute crap. a fool and his money soon part ways. anytime people say help save bees people toss money at them. ten years of work they claim. i've never heard of it. must be for the flowhive crowd


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