Winter Hive Layout
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    Hello All:

    Second year beekeeping up north here in Edmonton Alberta Canada and in prepping for winter I am wondering what is the best hive layout for the bees in our cold. I have 4 hives and am wondering which works better for them, 4 on a pallet or 4 in a row. 4 on a pallet seems good because each hive has two sides not exposed to the elements and easy to bundle but found that last year the northern two hives were poor starting in spring while the front two exposed to the sun were much stronger. Im wondering if I put all four in a row and wrap them, will there be a better chance that they all will start stronger in spring being all exposed to the suns warmth? Any insight anyone?

    Ben Wisniewski

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    Default Re: Winter Hive Layout

    4-way singles.

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    Default Re: Winter Hive Layout

    I use the pink board insulation from the ground up to just under the lid, with another piece on top of the lid. I then run a ratchet strap around the hive and tighten it a little. 2" of the pink board gives the same insulation as 8" of wood. I've got a solid wood base, so get a dead air space under the SBB that way. I've been VERY happy with the results, but I'm not nearly as far north as you. I have left the insulation on during the summer, (surgery) with no bearding. I like it!

    I wrap my hives individually.

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    Default Re: Winter Hive Layout

    Just curious does anybody keep them in a garage or building where the wind and snow would be totally blocked.



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