Camcote, How many coats?
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    Default Camcote, How many coats?

    Title says it all. I am reworking my Grandfather's 1952? Woodman 50 frame extractor. We spent many hours cleaning and sanding. I then put 6 coats of good quality grey primer on and a coat of the Camcote. Now 12 hours later I am going to put a 2nd on. Should I do a 3rd or is 2 enough? I have a second can of the Camcote but want to use it on other projects so if I put a 3rd on I will have to get a 3rd can and this stuff aint cheap. And I went over budget on the set up of the extracting line by buying a big beautiful stainless steel honey tank that is so shinny I could shave in it if I were less of a man and shaved.


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    Default Re: Camcote, How many coats?

    Brushy Mountain says two coats.
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