Here's a picture of the finished unit. Oxalic Acid Wand Assembly (2).jpg. i'm using SBB's with trays on all my hives, to use the OAV I pull the tray and slide the metal sheet in to replace the tray. The wand lays on the metal sheet during treatment which takes about 3 1/2 minutes to vaporize the crystals. When done I dip the end of the head in some water to cool taking care not to immerse the temperature control.Oxalic Acid Vaporizer (2).jpg The jumper cables are a little overkill but I picked them up at a thrift store for $5.00. So far I've run about ten treatments with no problems. I wired an indicator light into the heater circuit to let me know when the temp control shuts off at 350 degrees along with a off/on switch to control the power.
The wand is made out of a reclaimed stainless steel IV pole which I brazed the heater block supports to.