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    Good research.......... I have personally been taking Humic acid daily for the last 8 or more months. I have many realtime observations to share... also check out this US Patent Application number US 13/963,763 for a humic acid health booster for bees.
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    Well I'm impressed. After you been selling it for 4 years already you finally got around to trying it on 24 hives to see if it actually works.

    I note in the video you were constantly referring to snake oil, and also the "brutal" bee forums.


    Oh, the results of your trial are no good. First off it was done by you, no independant verification, and I don't trust you far as I could kick you. Second, you claim no difference in hives it was fed to and hives it was not fed to. But only more bees in hives it was sprayed on. But there is something wrong with the whole trial because you claim the hives it was sprayed on ended up with 5 frames of bees, but the ones it was fed to, and the ones it was not fed to, ended up with 1 frame of bees. They are obviously pretty sick hives. Healthy hives should be used.

    But hey, there's always another sucker ready to be parted from his money, right?
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