fixed the hive and found the queen
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    Default fixed the hive and found the queen

    Hey guys i have today I finally fixed the hive which was missing 5 frames and had wile comb... the hive just went through a swarm dont know how many but there sure was alot of queen cells that were open... the hive currently has about 2 frames worth of honey and some pollen... the queen has started laying since there is already young larva in cells about a frame worth of larva... I was sure excited when i was able to spot the queen sure is different than the rest of bees...
    Should i do some feeding or about 2 frames of honey okay for now... I live in california...
    I also found another queen cell which is still capped would I make a split with this queen cell that is left i did take it outside the hive...

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    Default Re: fixed the hive and found the queen

    Why would you take the queen cell outside the hive?
    You know if the qc cannot reach a certain temperature the larva
    inside will have the chill brood too, right. Yes, do make a split with
    this qc if you want a nuc hive. But not sure if she will develop or not
    so have to check on this hive often to find her.
    Also, if you have lots of bees and resources are coming in then you don't
    have to feed. But if there is not enough foods then you have to. Syrup
    and a patty will be good for them if they needed it. I went to the downtown
    bee shop to pick up some mini queen cage today. Have you been there before?


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