Honey casing for tobacco
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    Default Honey casing for tobacco

    Not your average recipe request here...
    I've tried a few times to flavor 'natural' tobacco with honey, it has a lot of potential in my opinion BUT it's hygroscopic nature is a negative characteristic.
    A few goofy questions if you don't mind....
    -Will natural honey reach an equilibrium and stabilize it's affinity for moisture?
    -Is there a temperature threshold that will damage honey?
    -What variety of honey tends to have a lower ph? (this is based on my understanding that honey is acidic on the ph scale)

    Odd questions perhaps but they are sincere. Any help is appreciated.

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    Default Re: Honey casing for tobacco

    Hello, just come across your thread. I've been growing baccy for 3 years now and I've used honey in some of my sauces. My best advice would be to get it a proper dryness after casing and then storing it in a ziploc bag. honey has it's own yeasts and will still ferment if the moisture is high enough but this can lead to mold. the fermenting can have a nice effect on the flavour especially if your going for a pipe blend but the mold if it happens is not so good.

    a preventive measure to mold is to add 3g of potassium sorbate to your casing but thats not always a sure thing with honey casings. I've had more baccy mold that was treated with honey than not.

    honey can be a good humicant too in keeping it moist and it comes down to how much is used and I've found that with honey, less is better. I would suggest maybe 20g honey in 1/2 liter hot water srayed over a kilo of baccy then let dry.

    If your a fan of tobacco, you can also check out the fair trade tobacco forums where I keep my grow blogs. http://fairtradetobacco.com/ good luck.
    Will Gruenwald Chilliwack BC


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