New Beekeeper in Northwestern Minnesota
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    Smile New Beekeeper in Northwestern Minnesota

    I'm looking for an experienced beekeeper in Northwestern Minnesota (I am located in Polk County) that will let me pick their brain and help me get started! I've just ordered a kit and Italian bees from Mann Lake--- and am very excited, probably overzealous, and definitely overwhelmed! Can anyone help?

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    Default Re: New Beekeeper in Northwestern Minnesota

    I'm not "local" but I did want to welcome you to the site. Bet you will have help before the sun sets. There are local sections on this forum. May be a good way to find someone. Local bee keeping assoc. is also a good way to meet a mentor. That's what I did. I'm installing a package with the mentor (his) next Sat. and then my four the following Sat. Good luck!

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    Default Re: New Beekeeper in Northwestern Minnesota

    Welcome SS!
    [email protected]

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    Default Re: New Beekeeper in Northwestern Minnesota

    Hi, ssteinbrenner!

    Welcome to BeeSource!

    I'm not from your part of the state but, you'll get tons of help right here.

    Maybe check out the Minnesota Grown directory to see if there are honey producers in your area that might be able to mentor you. I did a quick Google search and found:

    S & L Honey
    104 Stephen Dr NE
    Fertile, MN 56540
    (218) 584-8438

    You could even drop an ad into Craig's List asking for help.

    Good luck!
    -Phil Domeier

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    Default Re: New Beekeeper in Northwestern Minnesota

    Welcome neighbor........ Born and raised in Minnesota.... Live in
    North Dakota but moving back to Minn within 2 years.

    What queens are you getting? If Italian, I'd requeen at some point
    this early summer with a better wintering bee. I've had good luck
    with VSH or Russians.

    Never ordered bees from Mann so I'm not sure of queen options if

    Good luck and if you have questions, you're at the right place
    Closing in on retirement.......


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