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    Two confirmed bachelors sat talking about everything from politics to cooking.
    "I got a cookbook once," said one, "but I never could do anything with it."
    "Too much fancy work in it, eh?" asked the other.
    "You said it. Everyone of the recipes began the same way: 'Take a clean dish...'"

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    Perhaps that is why so many of us just order a pizza and eat it straight from the box. Dishes are for married guys and kids not in college yet

    I'm sure Foxworthy thinks I just might be a redneck...of course, I can tell the difference between 'gator meat and snappin' turtle meat blindfolded, I do own more guns than dollars, and have 6 colors of go figure.

    So then, if your router table looks ominously like a deep brood box with a wire coming out a knothole, Linleum on the outer cover, and a fence held on with C-clamps, you just might be a beekeeper!
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