Conversion of Solid Organic Wastes into Oil via Boettcherisca peregrine (Diptera: Sarcophagidae) Larvae and Optimization of Parameters for Biodiesel Production
Many saprophagous insect larvae fed on solid organic wastes (e.g., animal manure, food waste etc.) can be converted into insect oil and nutrition [5]. For example, black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens) larvae converted from organic wastes (cattle manure, pig manure, and chicken manure) can be used as a resource for biodiesel production [9]. This study indicates that Boettcherisca peregrine holds a high promise for converting solid organic wastes into an alternative feedstock for biodiesel production due to its high oil content (19.531.1%) and short production cycle (4 days). The yields of BPL converted from swine manure, GFR, and SRF reach to 10.7%, 12.6% and 9.9% respectively.