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    Quote Originally Posted by JWPalmer View Post
    Y'all know you are responding to a seven year old post, right?
    As long as there are new replies it bears repeating: honey bees do NOT go for fish/meat. Those would have been yellow jackets/wasps.

    To euthanize wasps use rubbing alcohol. The dish soap method is very slow and not very effective. If you have to euthanize honey bees, the rubbing alcohol is the quickest most humane method for them, too.

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    Default Re: need to get rid of bees....

    9 times out of 10 if I see "bees" getting leftover pop etc. they are yellow jackets... but 1 time out of 10 they are honey bees... I have heard of people using syrup (stronger than the sno cones or pop) to lure them away from the place the people don't want them with good success. I'm always afraid I'll bring more bees even if they are further away... I suppose a boardman feeder with few holes in the lid might give them a good source of strong syrup but limit the access enough that it doesn't turn into a feeding frenzy...
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