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    I opened and checked my hives yesterday all have brood started. When should I super the hives? I had one hive that had a super left on it for feed and the brood is being build in it, so I am thinking if I add supers now they will just build bood in the super rather than the lower bood boxes

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    I like to wait until 6 or 7 frames are filled with brood before putting 2nd deep on, and same goes for putting honey supers on. Can't imagine there's a whole lot of nectar out and about at this time, seems early to be putting supers on in Iowa. Good luck, PP
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    I recently stuck on a honey super (with queen excluder) because I was concerned that my two deeps already had a lot of honey in them. Bees seem to be going right at, building comb but no honey yet in the super. Won't this help reduce risk of swarming?


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