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    Did anyone get the report back that would like to share their results and thoughts on the results. I found I have DWV but no nosema. 1.4 mite to 100 bees and that is before i treated.
    I have a friend that sent in a sample and he had dwv and iapv and bqcv.

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    so where and how does a person send a sample in?? I would not mind getting my bees tested when I get back from CA. How much does it cost?

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    This was a nation wide study. They took samples from 25 locations per state with at least ten hives in each location. They tested for everything and it did not cost me anything. My apiary inspector called me and asked me if I wanted to be part of the study. So that means 25 beekeepers or beeyards from each state gave samples. California had 50 yards sampled. I would think some of them would be on here?


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