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    Had my first experience with wax moths this year. Some of my suppers had a few wax moths here and there. I scrapped them out as best I could before extracting. Do they contaminate honey making it unsuitable for consumption or is the honey still good? After extracting I filter it through 600 micron mesh, then again through 400 to get most of the bigger chunks of debris out.

    Also, I have 6 frames of capped honey from a dead out this spring that I held onto incase one of my hives need extra stores. I didn't end up using them so i was going to extract them. I tasted one and the initial taste was kinda like wine but the after taste was sweet and good tasting like honey should be. Is the honey still good or is it fermenting and better to dispose of it?

    Thanks for any responses!

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    I've never had an issue with wax moths contaminating honey. I suppose if you have the larvae working brood comb right next to stored honey it might be an issue but the presence of larvae (usually tucked up between split bottom bars or especially under the top bars where they rest in the boxes) has never concerned me. With regards to the dead out honey, I have had "off" honey after it sat for a while. Same as you...planning on feeding it to a colony. With regards to fermentation, I've found that fermenting or fermented honey has a sharp taste to it. Double check to see if you think it's fermented or just a particular taste that you're not accustomed to. I always feed back old honey, especially if I think it's fermented, to the bee's.
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    If it is bad the bees will not touch it either. Let the girls tell you. What was that commercial years ago? "Let Mikey try it!" If they scarf it down go for it.
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