Bees removed api life var
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    Default Bees removed api life var

    First year beekeeper here. I performed the drop SBB drop test and found out that I needed to treat for mites. I wish I would have done this earlier but I did not. The highs were I live are still in the upper 70s for the most part. I treated with Api life var 8 days ago (first treatment). I went into the hive to remove the old treatment and apply the second I was unable to find the old pieces of the product. I have double deeps. I went through each frame on one hive, top box only, and did not find the used apilife var. I have read some posts that some people are putting the product in #8 hardware cloth or putting a pin in the center to keep it in place. I read other posts that the bees need to shred it an carry it throughout the hive to get rid of it. The package instructions do not address this issue. Question is do you just lay it on top of the frames and let the bees remove it if they desire, or should I take extra measures to keep the product in place? I am inclined to lay it on the top frames and let the bees remove it if they want. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Thanks!

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    When the bees remove or try to remove the ApiLife Var wafers, they spread the active ingredients around the hive. I think this is designed to increase the effectiveness of the treatment. Hope this helps,


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