Maximizing honey from a single deep
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    Default Maximizing honey from a single deep

    My first hive has made it through the winter in a single deep. I've got plenty of boxes of deeps and mediums with plastic foundation. I am trying to decide the best way to maximize honey on this hive in the spring. I would like to have brood in 2 deeps but I am afraid that drawing out another box will take so long that by the time it is ready to put on a super the flow will be over since I don't have any drawn comb. Should I put on another deep brood box or stick with a single and a queen excluder and go for honey right off the bat? I am in Southeast Tennessee.

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    Default Re: Maximizing honey from a single deep

    I would go with the single and listen to what not so Crazy Roland does with his singles. He regularly moves frames of honey and capped brood up above the queen excluder to keep the brood chamber uncrowded. Mark the honey frames if any feed is stored in them for use next winter.


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