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    I use bricks on top of all my hives. First visit, the bricks face forward, next visit they face to the side, and so on. That's it.

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    It is very important to know what happened a few inspections back. Are they growing, depleting? Did you find them queenless and add a frame with eggs and need to check back in a few weeks? So we made a little paper that has info blocks on it. We put it in a sheet protector and we staple it to the cover. Black marker writes and stays on the sheet protector and we dont have to keep printing the paper. When the 4 inspections are done we turn the paper over and get four more inspections. That's 8 weeks of inspections.

    Date, Eggs Y or N, (just circle one), Seams of bees (write number) Need feed Y or N, Mite count ___ Treated Y or N

    Notes: N = No G=Good Q =Queen QC=Queen Cell B=brood E=eggs F=frame S= super
    So queenless added one frame of eggs would be NQ +1FE. The hive we took the eggs from would have a -1FE +QC would be added a queen cell.
    If everything was good then a big G in the note section says it all. NI = no inspection, and the next time it is mandatory to inspect it.

    On hives that we must check back on we put a rock on top. Reading the notes we would see it was because a frame of eggs was added and we need to see eggs or no inspection was done and needs to be checked in 2 weeks.

    Takes about 30 seconds and works well for us. When a new employee starts it takes a few rounds before he has it.
    Just come up with something that works for you.

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    On hives we write NI (no inspection) we saw numerous bees coming and going with pollen, Lifted the top and saw good population. Assumed all is well and moved on.

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    Interesting to hear how you all do things. To be clear, these bricks are not my only form of hive tracking. I have a journal for detailed notes, plus a white board with each hive, its status, last mite load, what I need to do next, etc. But the bricks--I'm hoping--are useful ways to quickly size everything up as I walk into my bee yard.

    One shortcoming of my system I've noticed so far is that I don't have a way to mark a hive as "unknown." This time of the year--when it's often too cold to pull a hive apart--I don't have high confidence in the status of some hives. So I'll probably just place the brick on the front of the lid to signify an unknown something like that. Otherwise, I do like the color-coding as a visual reference.

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