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    HAS 2011 has wrapped up and by most accounts was a very successful conference. Registration was 382, which was a sizeable increase from last year's 237. Great classes and speakers, but for me the best part is meeting and talking to beekeepers. I met beeks from Maine to Missouri, from Alabama to Ontario, Canada.

    Nice selection of venders, most of whom reported that sales were brisk. Some folks who stayed to the end got some great deals when Theo Maxant slashed prices on his remaining inventory.

    Usually the site of next year's conference is announced at the final session, but as of now it's still not definite. St. Louis seems to be the front-runner, but there are some questions that need to be resolved. The Illinois and Kentucky representatives also are eager to to host next year's conference.

    Next year's conference will be moved a week later than usual because of how the 4th falls. Conference dates are July 11-13, 2012.
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