Building comb from queen cells.
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    Default Building comb from queen cells.

    Let me start by saying I've done my first graft last week, mostly just for the learning experience. I grafted 15 larvae and about 7 of them were built out. I figure that isnt too bad, cause i know i didnt figure out how to move them with the chinese grafting tool til i did about 5 of them.

    Anyway, my question is, is it common for the bees to start to build full combs off the queen cells? They did this to several of mine. I dont think the queen would be able to get out, since they started right from the bottom tip of the cell where she would emerge. At first I thought maybe there wasnt a queen in it, but I opened one to check, and it was a developing pupa. How do I prevent this from happening in the future? And should i trim the comb off the ones i have, or are they no good?

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    Default Re: Building comb from queen cells.

    Add another frame of foundation into the cell builder. You have young nurse bees with nothing else to do but build comb where there is none.
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    Default Re: Building comb from queen cells.

    Comb on the cells need not be an issue. When you are putting them in the mating hives, just pull the comb away from the part the queen will hatch from. You may need something like a sharp box knife to pare large bit's of comb but the tip of the cell where the queen will hatch from, the comb pulls away from that easily.
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