Bees for sale in PA
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    Default Bees for sale in PA?

    Well I have a order of bees that was just delayed AGAIN. But I'm gonna be in Pennsylvania this Tuesday and Wednesday and was wondering if anyone knew of anyone in the Lancaster area / eastern side of PA that had any packages or medium Nucs for sale. I am getting nervious with Busy Bee Apiaries since the order a month past due and i would rather deal with a local person. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Tim
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    Default Re: Bees for sale in PA?

    Timbo, I feel for you. Except for dumb luck, I would be in the same boat. I had business out of town when my packages were due in. There was an earlier shipment that happened to have a few extra due to cancellations and I got some of those. My original packages have also been delayed close to a month and maybe a bit longer after the wicked front that came through. The weather in the south has been pretty wild this spring. This is agriculture afterall and the weather rules. Don't be too tough on Busy Bee, I'll bet they are hating it too. You will still likely be able to build up your colonies, even with this late a date for the packages, and I would suggest going for it still. You may want to consider finding a beek in your club that may be willing to split some bees for you and add your own queen.


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