Tired of buying bees
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    Default Tired of buying bees

    This summer, I plan to raise a few queens and try splitting some hives. My goal is to winter over enough colonies so that I will not have to buy package bees or nucs in the spring of 2012. My question is: when should I raise the queens and introduce them so as to provide the splits enough time to strengthen sufficently to winter over. Also, when should the splits be transferred from the nuc boxes to standard hives. (I live in southern NH.)

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    I'll be talking about this in Warner NH on the 12th. Kearsarge Beekeepers Assoc.

    Also in a town SE of Manchester on April 18...don't remember where. I'm in NYC tonight. My list is at home.

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    Default Re: Tired of buying bees

    I not sure what date to tell you in your area. But, if you make splits right before or during your main flow your splits should take off and raise quality queens. It will probably put a dent in your honey harvest but, will increase your hive numbers.


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