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Thread: Requeening

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    Default Requeening

    How long can you leave a hive queenless before you add the replacement. Thanks

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    Default Re: Requeening

    The next day is fine to introduce her if she is in a candy-release cage.

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    More than one day is not good, but they can survive a lot of things. But the longer they are queenless the more they will drift to hives that are queenright and the more likely they will get robbed out by hives sensing that they are queenless.
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    This is an interesting question. "How long can you" should be differentiated from "how long should you" leave a hive queenless before introduction. You are likely to get a wide range of impassioned answers on this question (s). The answer is of course "it depends"; on several things:

    Do they have started queen cells?
    If so, how old are they? The answer here is very important.

    What is the method of introduction?
    Candy tube, push in cage, direct release? Believe it or not, sometimes direct release is the best option.

    How hard is the queen candy if using a cage and candy tube?
    If virgins will hatch before the introduced queen is released there will be trouble.

    Doe the hive have brood or laying workers?
    The length of time queenless and overall hive condition will have a great influence over the most suitable introduction method.
    John B Jacob


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