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Here are a few links to my own design for a horizontal Warré style hive. The hive is based on Johann Thür’s writings of the ideal colony nest dimensions. I call it the “Frankenhive”. WARNING: It's a monster!


The Frankenhive can contain up to three separate colonies. Each colony can be managed separately as a simple horizontal top-bar hive, nadir occupied Warré hive boxes or supered with empty Warré hive boxes or 8-frame Langstroth supers with frames. The Frankenhive can be used for a range of hobbyist activities such as splitting and raising queens.

Since it is a horizontal top-bar hive it is well suited to the hobbyist beekeeper who wants to spend a little more time inside the hive observing, inspecting and working the bees. There are numerous management strategies for the Frankenhive.


This hive has been my best preforming Warré style hive.

"Smallholders and farmers capable of keeping bees should be enabled to keep bees successfully with this simple hive that they can easily make themselves, without significant outlay on materials, without specialist knowledge, money or labour, without machines or gadgets, without using sugar or foundation, and in a purely natural manner." - Johann Thür
a skecthup design