cutout under a double wide
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    Default cutout under a double wide

    I have been called to do a job in a nearby town. It's a double wide mobile home with brick outer wall. Haven't seen it yet but supposed to meet at 1:00 to do the job. According to the owner bee entrance is about 5 ft. off of the ground near a window. Not going thru the bricks.

    May have to crawl under the double wide to see if its in the wall or under the house. If its under the house, it makes me a little nervous to do a cutout where I can't just up and run if things get dicey.

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    Default Re: cutout under a double wide

    If it's any comfort to you, my friend and I did a couple of cutouts like this. . .one under a mobile home and one under a house. Everything went off as planned and it was very uneventful. I must admit, however, that it was he who was under and I was standing there taking comb from him and placing it in the new hive box.


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