My first split!
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    Big Grin My first split!

    Not sure that this warrants its own thread but I wanted to share my little experience from this morning.
    Background: I have two hives of carnolians (2nd yr as a beek) and the one had built up very fast this spring with all the flow we've had. I wasn't very diligent in making sure they had room a head of time so the one hive has been threatening to swarm, thus reason for my need to preform an artificial swarm.
    I found a local beek who was willing to supply the extra equipment I needed in exchange for the split. I was elated as I don't have the extra $$$ to purchase more equipment right now.

    So I got everything prepared last night and got out in the yard about 7 this morning (it gets windy here so I had to do it early). Still a little bit cool but I knew it would warm up quickly. I setup everything in advance and opened up the hive to find the queen, this was the part I'd been dreading! They girls were quite upset as I didn't use any smoke (didn't want to make it any harder on myself to spot her though)
    I looked through both deeps twice with no luck of finding her so I tried as someone suggested and took a frame of brood from my other hive and put it in the hive I was splitting (Supposedly after you put the top back on the queen will come check out the new smells and you'll have her on that frame)

    I waited 5 minutes and open it back up only to still not find her on the frame. I gave it a few more minutes but no such luck... I start to despair and then got stung on the shoulder to add to my stress.
    I pulled back and took a deep breath! I recalled reading Michael Bush's tips on finding the queen. I pulled out a random frame of brood and thought to myself "you have to believe she is there on that frame". I was looking over the frame and just about to set it back down when "Voila"! There she is smack dab in the middle!

    I set the frame aside in a spare deep and proceed to make sure I had some queen cells in the now queenless hive. I keep coming across empty queen cups and only a single large white one (a few days from being capped) with a plump larvae in it.
    While I was in there I took the time to remove several frame of capped honey and replace them with frames of undrawn frames/foundation. I put the spare frames of honey in the freezer for later use if needed.

    When it was all said and done I felt pretty good about everything. I think if I had to do it again it would prob go a bit faster for sure. I wanted to also thank the community for all its help in my preparation for this. Lots of information I couldn't find anywhere else so I've been reading everything I can dig up on the forums to try and make sure this little endeavor is a success...

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    Default Re: My first split!

    kinda of fun, isn't it!

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    Thumbs Up Re: My first split!

    Congrats!! Im glad it all went well for you and it is a sense of pride to know that you can now do a split. You will probably find yourself doing more.
    Good luck,
    Big T

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    Congratulations! I am a third year beek and did three walkaway split this year and all are doing well.

    It is one thing to read about what can be done and it is completely different to get your gloves on and do it...and do it well.

    Good job!

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    Default Re: My first split!

    saweeet. It get easier. I have made 7 walk aways this spring and just started 2 more last night myself. It does get much easier once you know what you want to do. .....i am addicted to it, and my numbers are going up. It's a blast.
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