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    Thought I would say thank you to beesource. I received a swarm call Friday and the lady had found me through this site. Her husband is allergic so they were happy to see them leave. it was about 20 feet up in a cedar the husband raised me up in a bobcat bucket I cut the limb off put them in a nuc waited till evening and moved them to a bee yard I had a few miles down the road. they had a fine looking queen from the size of them I'm guessing they were feral or somebody lost a nice bunch of small cell bees. I put my name in beesource to catch swarms last year kinda late and did not get any but it looks like its shaping up to be a good year her husband does tree removal and he said they see bees in trees every so often so I left him a card and said call me next time and I would be glad to come get them. So looks like I may have access to many feral colonies for years to come.

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    I want to encourage people with websites to include a link on their site to the site. The more linking there is, the higher visibility your bee removal notice will be to those looking for it. Right now, top ranking sites for bee removal are exterminators. I'd like to see a list of beekeepers seeking to save the honeybee at the top. Beeremovalsource will remain an "ad free" site.

    Please see:
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    The link that you posted is misspelled, I think you have forgotten a letter.
    It should be
    Joe and Heidi S.

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    Link added to my site on the links section.

    Big Bear
    No, I am NOT a bee "Keeper". Anything I post is just my opinion. Take it easy and think for yourself.


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