Experience with Hardeman Apiaries, GA
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    Default Experience with Hardeman Apiaries, GA

    We ordered packages of bees from Hardeman last fall to be delivered in April. When our order never showed we gave them a call and were promised that it would go out next week. This happened every week.

    Eventually I got Mickey Hardeman on the phone and was given a guarantee that they would shipped out the following week. Of course he went back on his word.

    Week after week after week we were delayed. Hardeman never once contacted us to tell us what was happening, nor offered any sort of recompense for delaying us late into the season. They backed us into a corner by delaying so long that we couldn't get bees anywhere else, and even if we could we'd have to spend extra money on more established hives.

    When I brought this to Mickey's attention he was rude and uncooperative, giving me no choice but to cancel the order. I would rather wait until next year to start our hives than give Hardeman any of my money.

    Researching I have found quite a few other people with similar problems with Hardeman. We contacted the BBB. Even if I can only convince one person not to do business with them, I'll be happy; we feel cheated, lied to, and insulted, and I hope others can avoid that.

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    Default Re: Experience with Hardeman Apiaries, GA

    Be happy - because I work off of referrals.

    I had a great first experience with CF Koehen out of Ca this year. I just ordered queens though.

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    Default Re: Experience with Hardeman Apiaries, GA

    not taking sides on this one but alot of guys down here this year where way behind because of the long cool spring that we have had. guys just couldnt get the bees to build up or get queens mated. but I agree with you that they should have contacted you and let you know what the problem was. that is just good business. Most guys down here have already stopped packages and nucs and counted their loses and hope that next year is better. dont get a bad taste in your mouth about the guys down south. some of them do care about the customer and will be glad to get you your bees....David

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    Sad Re: Experience with Hardeman Apiaries, GA

    I had a guy come to me back on 5-21-10 looking for packages because of the same kind of dealing with Hardeman's. This year was a hard year to supply everyone. I supplied as many packages and nucs as I could for the local beekeepers.

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    Default Re: Experience with Hardeman Apiaries, GA

    bought my package from Simposns bees but the package was labeled as Hardemans in GA...queen went bad laying only drone...i have requeened and now wondering if the queen will take or if im done! Hope it works

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    Default Re: Experience with Hardeman Apiaries, GA

    This thread is old but I wanted to add that I just received a 3lb package of bees from Hardeman Apiaries in GA and they arrived in perfect condition. I have kept bees for decades and after the bees were hived up yesterday I counted the mortalities left in the ship box and there were only 71 which is the fewest in recent memory. Maybe things were different back in 2010 with Hardeman Apairies but my 2017 experience is that they delivered a perfect package early in the season. I have no idea what previous posts are talking about with Queen /Drones . We all complain when things are not perfect but I would caution that these bee yards are doing their best to deliver healthy bees and we should always speak up when they deliver good bees because, sure as hell, they catch a ton of snitts when there is the slightest problem (and I have experienced major problems over years but I have never experienced any lack of good intentions).


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