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    When I was at Trader Joe's last, I did a double take. Another poor marketing job? You decided.

    Right next to it:

    Regards, Barry

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    Organic does not mean pesticide free. It just means synthetic pesticide free.
    Some of the organic stuff is just as bad as synthetic stuff.
    They've really made a profitable buzz word but in reality it means little.
    And yes, it's poor marketing... but only since it flies in the face of the marketing of organic products.

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    Default Re: Double message?

    The thing that I noticed was the USDA Organic label and the US No. 1.

    Then,.. the Produce of Canada label on the potatoe bag. Is that what you were thinking of? Maybe it has to pass organic from the USDA also.

    The vegetable wash,.I don't know. For $3.99 a bottle, I will just have to continue using good old-fashioned water.

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    Default Re: Double message?

    That's a good one Barry. Perhaps we could just
    do away with the border??

    I buy organic whenever I can. It does matter, big time.
    New reports keep coming out on the effect of pesticide
    on us. Remember the old ads "DDT is good for me"..
    Closing in on retirement.......


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