Necessity Breeds a New Business
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    Default Necessity Breeds a New Business

    Well, given the medical bills my granddaughter is racking up, we've been doing all sorts of fundraisers over the past year. My dumb little band played a few gigs; we got some restaurants to have "Quinn Nights;" my son-in-law's hockey team threw a big tournament, etc.

    One thing that really worked well was an e-waste event, where we collected people's old/outdated/broken computers, monitors, etc. and recycled them. California pays for the old monitors (you actually pay a deposit when you buy 'em, it's hidden in the price) and companies pay for the TVs, servers, pc's etc for the materials they can extract and the plastic they can recycle.

    Anyway, I started my own company doing this. I'm focusing solely on fundraising for Quinn in the early part of 2010, but I may branch out to other causes if it works out.

    Here's the website:

    Do other states have programs similar to this?

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    Default Re: Necessity Breeds a New Business

    "Beginning in January 2010, a new law will require manufacturers to collect and recycle certain electronics, including computers, TVs and printers, from Wisconsin households and K-12 public schools. The law will also include a ban on landfill disposal or incineration of certain electronics beginning Sept. 1, 2010."

    We can help the Dept. of Corrections here:

    I hope you are able to help others in need with your new not-for-profit enterprise.

    A very worthy cause.



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