Caveat Posteri - Let the poster beware
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    Exclamation Caveat Posteri - Let the poster beware

    Tailgater - Discussion specific to Politics, Religion, and Societal Issues. POSTING RULES ENFORCED VIGOROUSLY!

    Tailgater is a private forum. Tailgater is also a fractious forum, with different rules than the general BeeSource forums. It exists to encourage free discussion and to keep Tailgator topics from the rest of the board. While posting any material which is knowingly false and/or defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, uncivil, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, or otherwise violative of any law are not permitted, be aware that Tailgater discussions can tend towards emotional issues and strongly held beliefs. Caveat Posteri.

    Note also that due to the nature of Tailgater, moderation is prosecuted differently here. We are looking for civility to be exercised in this forum. If you tend to use the word "you" a lot, there's a good chance the tone of your post is less than civil. Some have become masters of pushing the line of appropriateness by including what is little more than thinly veiled personal attacks. There are many online forums in which coarse, abusive, ad hominem, and other non-constructive dialog is permitted. Beesource is not one of these. Since these other resources exist, and since this kind of non-constructive discussion elevates neither the mind nor the beekeeping art, free speech on Tailgater will conform to standards you would hope to see in a school or educational public setting. The Moderator's judgment will be the final standard for determining whether the requirement for civility has been met.

    We are not going to coddle members who post in here. If any of the moderators deem a post to be out of line with the guidelines, it will be deleted (possibly edited) without notice. It will ALWAYS be up to the member whose post got deleted to inquire with a moderator if they want to know more about the reason for the deletion. We will respect the ability of all members and assume they will be able to figure out what they need to change should their posts get deleted. However, if deletion continues and the moderators grow tired of the routine, that member will find themselves passing through the exit door.

    We do not allow members to mis-spell proper names or use phrases that make fun of, belittle, or make light of individuals or groups of people. When proper names are purposefully mis-spelled or abused, that's the equivalent of a personal attack. Everyone has a name and simple, basic respect should dictate that one's name not be used by others in a manner or context that is disrespectful. This applies to political, religious, and news figures and institutions, as well as fellow members. If what you make reference to in your post has a proper name, use it.

    Gaining access to Tailgater requires a member to gain permission from the moderating team. This is done by sending a personal message to one of the moderators.
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