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    I'm looking to buy a used wood lathe. This is one tool I've never had much of a need for until now. My 1888 house has two bay windows that I'm restoring. Each of the outside corners are covered/capped with a 2/3rds round piece of wood that goes 6" from the sill to the brackets that fit under the soffit. At both ends of this 3/4 round piece are turned decorative pieces. The ones that sit on the sill are missing and I'm wanting to make new ones. They are about 4" diameter by 6" high.

    I see on Craiglist several Mini Jet lathes for sale ($185). I'm thinking of going this route versus a floor model. Anyone have experience with the table mount lathes?
    Regards, Barry

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    I know someone that has a lathe
    He is looking for work too!

    Send me a PM if interested.

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    I donít, but I sale a lot of Jet equipment (metal side of it) For an import. Itís a pretty good one. They have a good service/technical department.
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    I have a nice Delta medium duty for sale. This is older US made Delta, weighs about 3-400# on a factory metal cabinet stand. I bought it for my Dad many years ago and it has been sitting since he passed. Very little use. Single phase, 1HP. I don't know how you get it to Chicago

    Barry, cut the wood in 3rds while its square and glue it back together with brown paper in the joints. Then turn it and split it on the glue lines. Clean up the edge on a jointer or hand plane.


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