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    Default Please Complete Bee Survival Survey

    Dear Fellow Beekeepers,

    The Apiary Inspectors of America (AIA) and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) have asked that we fill out the following questionnaire. The information you provide will be entered into a spreadsheet and will not be attached to your name or address in any way. In addition to this e-mail survey, you may be contacted by phone and asked the same questions. Please provide answers to both if you are asked to do so but mention to the phone interviewer that you have already answered the questions via email.

    The results of this survey will be compiled and published so that everyone can see how bees are doing in the United States. These results, along with those from the past two years, will be used to secure research funding and assistance for Bee health. You can see the full report of losses over the winter of 2006-2007 as published in the ABJ at and the losses from 2007-2008 at

    Please complete the survey below. The survey will be conducted between March 30 and April 17 2009.

    1. In what state(s) and county(s) do you keep your hives? If you keep hives in more than one state or county, please answer questions 2-9 separately by location.
    2. How many hives did you have alive in September 2008?
    3. How many hives are alive now (March/April 2009)?
    4. How many splits, increases, and/or colonies did you make/buy since September 2008?
    5. What percentage of loss, over this time period, would you consider acceptable?
    6. What percentage of your hives that died had no dead bees in the hive or in the apiary?
    7. To what do you attribute the cause of death for the hives that died?
    8. What percentage of your hives did you send to CA for almond pollination?
    9. How many times, on average, did you move your colonies last year?

    Please reply/forward the responses of this email to [email protected].

    Your response would be greatly appreciated.

    Feel free to forward this request to fellow beekeepers.

    Thank you for your help,

    Jim Bobb
    (610) 584-6778
    [email protected]

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    Wecome to Bee Source,Jim.

    I sent in the survey but I don't think it applied to me as I filled in a lot of zeros.

    Are you camping this year?


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