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    Quote Originally Posted by heybe View Post
    Good read. I totally agree with all the points. It is a changing world out there.
    Really great reading material! I completely agree with you!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by clgs View Post
    Do find out how you respond to being stung - yes it will happen. Good to know if you're one to swell up big time before you're in a situation where you get multiple stings.

    But it HURTS! Many of my mentors (very experienced keepers) urged me to "get used to it"..."handle the frames with bare hands so you don't squish bees"..."just get a veil, suits cost too much"...."stings are good for you".

    I think they love pain. Perhaps after going through hives, they like to slam fingers in car doors. Not for me.
    Actually I do enjoy getting Stung, the fire slowly going up you arm or leg, the feel of fire in the vein. I can hardly wait till spring sometimes.
    The venom really is good for some ailments, there is a Whole group of Apitherapy aficionados. Must be like skydiving, jumping out of a per factually good plane, feeling good....

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    All good advice up above. Spend a year learning all you can before you get bees. Read, read, read, join a club, work with another beek. There is some good stuff on YouTube but you need some background to separate the wheat from the chaff. Ask questions. Two beekeepers will give you 3 or 4 different answers.
    Do some self searching:
    Why do I want bees?
    Where do I want to go with this?
    Do I have the time and commitment to look after them?
    You won't go far wrong if you read this first: https://honeybeehealthcoalition.org/hivehealthbmps/
    Don't worry about treatment free beekeeping. Concentrate on keeping your bees healthy and getting them through the Winter.
    Make sure you have a nice chair in your bee yard. There is no place on Earth quite as satisfying to the soul as sitting in a bee loud glade and thinking about bees.
    I want bees that make up for my mistakes.

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