another requeening question
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    now if you have a hive that was queenless, added a frame of capped brood and went back to introduce a new queen a week later only to find a couple of capped queen cells, could you destroy the queen cells and introduce the new queen or what would you do?
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    That's exactly what I'd do.

    Just make sure that you destroy ALL the queen cells so as not to confuse the issue!

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    An option would be to place the hive at a new location, take the frames with queen cells out and place in a nuc at the old locations and fill in empty slots with frames of foundation for the old hive, and maybe frames with honey and pollen and capped brood for the nuc. The flying bees will go to the nuc making it stronger while also leaving the old hive short of flying bees which will discourage swarming. You can always recombine later or make a two queen colony with the extra queen.


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