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    I've tried the expensive Mann Lake rite-cell foundation, and the less expensive Perma-dent foundation.

    I prefer the perma-dent foundation because it's more flexible, and can be easily snapped into an already assembled frame.

    Rite Cell foundation is also about twice as heavy. An assembled deep frame with rite cell foundation is quite a bit heavier than any alternative.

    I prefer not to add any unnecessary weight to the hives, so I refuse to go with Rite Cell again in the future.

    IMO - it seems like 2 full deeps and a medium, with Rite Cell is at least 10lbs heavier than wax, or perma-dent. (i.e., 20 deeps and 10 medium rite cell foundations).

    Is adding an extra 10lbs or so, is really worth the extra millimeter in depth, and the extra $$$$$$?

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    Default Re: Plasticell vs. Rite-Cell

    Slopoke - it is my suggestion that you update your location so that everyone can understand your perspective based on local beekeeping conditions. And also, a note of caution to all - this is a string of posts from 2007, a long time ago. Some old posts deserve burial when they reference manufacturer’s production problems long ago remedied, if they even existed. Hence, do not believe everything you read.

    Glad you reported your experiment; my personal experience is waxed ritecell from Mann Lake is readily drawn out as conditions warrant.

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