It was a great conference covering subjects from Beginner to Experienced Beekeeping, queen raising, cooking, bee biology, If it had to do with beekeeping, I think there was at least one presentation on it.

There was 5 one hour class sessions Thursday and Friday and 4 class sessions today. Each session had 10 presenters in a class room setting or in the field. The list of presenters was a who’ who of beekeeping, including several from our own

This HAS was a great learning experience and well worth the minimal cost to go. The only glitches I noticed were not caused by HAS.

If you haven’t been to a HAS conference you need to go to the next one at Marshall University in Huntington WV. If you have been to HAS you still need to go. Huntington is on Interstate 64 and Marshall is just a little over 2 miles off of the Interstate. It is a beautiful campus, Modern facilities, nice and level with everything close together.

It was a pleasure to sit in several Mike Bush’s presentations