Old New England Cemeteries
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    My six year old has developed this uncanny act of being able to spot old cemeteries off the beaten path. Of course, we must stop and go visit and read a few. Tonight on the way home from ice cream, he spotted another one that I had never noticed before.
    So we stopped and went in for a look see. There were the typical markers for an old New England cemetery, some slate, some marble and granite.
    I also saw some that where cast iron.
    This cemetery had three. All three markers were “erected” in 1865.
    Made by a D. French Haverhill, MA. Never seen this before and wonder if cast iron markers are common in other parts of this country?

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    I've seen the cast iron markers in other places.
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    On some of the real old farms in Pennsylvania I have seen some strange markers on the graves, mostly stone though. Sometimes a grave will be in a high place with a special view I guess.
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    On the farm in upstate New York where I was raised is an old cemetery taking in a bit over an acre of land. The cemetery goes back to the Revolutionary War.

    Each Memorial Day the American Legion places flags on veteranÂ’s graves; some of the flagged gravesites have tombstones dating back to the latter half of the 1700Â’s. I donÂ’t remember seeing any cast iron markers, but there are slate, marble, and granite. Some of the earlier gravestones, too, appear home made--resembling cement.

    If you ever happen to get over that way, IÂ’m sure youÂ’d find it interesting. The town of Fort Ann is located in the Glens Falls/Lake George region of upstate New York.

    A few local residents there were still being buried in that cememtery up into the late ‘60’s until the cemetery finally filled.


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