Natural Control of Subcaste Delineation Within Colonies
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    There are various natural ways using old time methodology to control subcaste delineation within colonies to keep colony stock lines.

    Let's get a discussion of this going here relative to field management carried on throughout the beekeeping year.


    Dee A. Lusby

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    This post is in reply to Johnsewell's 12-15-2000 06:35PM inquiry on the thread Natural/Feral/Domestic, during which John wrote:

    Could you please explain to me (reasonably simply)what's the difference
    between the bee races? Ironically this is something I've been asking from
    day one, what makes ligustica different from capensis? They all look like
    honeybees to me. It appears that if they can interbreed, then the genetic
    information is common to both, and OTHER FACTORS must determine the apparent
    characteristics of the individual. These are not horses and donkeys here.


    Color and size relative to latitude and altitude, with genetics/characteristics that reverse themselves in dominance between tropical and temperate zones, both North and South of the Equator.

    Please see "The Way Back to Biological Beekeeping" posted at another place on this site under Point-of-View for further information.

    On this will I stand... Comments?


    Dee A. Lusby


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